InnoFlow / Orenco

S3 service and support the extensive range of Innoflow septic tank systems, including their exclusive range of AdvanTex® residential and commercial wastewater systems.

They provide residential wastewater system and onsite products that are custom and off the shelf. This includes tank lids, effluent filters and pumps, and control panels.

With years of experience in the installation and design of disposal and wastewater treatment systems throughout Australasia, Innoflow are the exclusive agent for Orenco Systems Incorporated (OSI). Their practical experience and comprehensive design technologies mean you can be confident that Innoflow septic tank systems will provide with the best solution to fit your needs.

If you have a home that isn't connected to a central sewer system, you need to treat and discharge your wastewater from your kitchen, laundries, toilets, and, bathrooms using an onsite wastewater system. An Innoflow septic tank solution, such as an AdvanTex® packaged wastewater system, is a great option.

Their residential options include:

Known for its high performance and low power consumption, AdvanTex has performed extremely well across global third party trials and received an A+ rating from the Rotorua Onsite Effluent Testing (OSET) programme.

Because of the high quality materials used in manufacturing the AdvanTex, Innoflow offer a five year warranty on the pumps and three years on the system as a whole, as long as the system is installed and maintained by approved contractors, like S3.

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