We provide regular servicing and maintenance to prevent problems and increase the longevity of your system.

Just like your car, your wastewater treatment system needs regular servicing and maintenance to make sure it’s running optimally. In addition to performing better, regular septic system maintenance also increases the life of your system and helps prevent any impact on the environment. Most importantly, it reduces the likelihood of major problems – which, depending on their severity, could cost your thousands of dollars.
Also, if you’re in Auckland, it’s a legal requirement that maintenance is done on your wastewater system every six months.
S3 is an Auckland Council Recognised Wastewater Service Provider.

Maintaining Your Wastewater Treatment System

We can look after all the servicing and maintenance of your septic tanks.
Our experienced team will make sure they are running efficiently, effectively, quietly and without odour.
This includes servicing and maintaining every part of your wastewater treatment system – primary, secondary, advanced secondary and UV treatments, and servicing your disposal system or dripline.
With our sophisticated and flexible scheduling system, you can relax and know that we’ve got your septic system maintenance covered and up to date, and will remind you when it’s time for your next service.

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Maintenance Contracts

Some councils require you to have a maintenance contract in place. This is particularly common if you need a code of compliance or resource consent.
S3 can provide you with a maintenance contract to suit your requirements and look after your wastewater treatment system.

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